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We have a Premium Design set-up option. We have a Basic Design set-up option and we have a Trim Design set-up option for you to choose from.


Our Design Services are very Professional!  Our Graphic Designers who create your App will design a Stand Out Design for you!


When we Design your card we both make it look nice and functional. With our services you’ll have a powerful tool for your business.


Our Designs Stand Out from the Crowd. With EZcard Optimize your WOW factor with our Professional Design Services and make a fantastic statement!


With EZcard Optimize your WOW factor with our Professional Design Services and make a fantastic statement!


I Love my EZcard connect app! It shows my credibility and makes me look great!

– Jonathan Ramsen Jordan

The EZcard App

We design your app for any business industry. Your design will look professional and functional. You’ll have a powerful tool for your business!  And it’s EZ to share!


Premium design set-up

Pro All the Way

Premium Setup includes everything to make your EZcard stand out. It is a great choice for movies, featuring a book, portfolios, large and small companies, and just about anyone who wants a sharp design. With Premium we do our best to
give you a header image that stands out!

Get a Professional design and Consultation now!

basic design set-up

If you are looking for a good build with more features than a TRIM build, but don’t need all the power and features of a Premium build, Basic is for you. Sitting in between a TRIM and Premium build, Basic is perfect if you need a little more info and design than TRIM.

Trim design set-up

A Trim Setup is good for a quick, basic setup. It includes 1 Preset Main image with your Photo, Logo, and Business name/Title. The standard option for those who don’t need much design, but still want a nicely presented EZcard.


All our designs are custom created especially for you and your business. You can also create your very own designs yourself and it is EZ!


If you have any questions about the EZcard mobile marketing app feel free to contact George via email or phone. I would love to hear from you! Hearing from you “makes my day!”



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